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At present, many furniture and household items are gradually using recycled materials, paper furniture is quietly emerging in the domestic market. The earliest cardboard furniture was created by foreign designers, the most famous of which was the design of a series of corrugated furniture by Frank Gehry, which was exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair and the Cologne Furniture Fair. However, such products are biased towards art and costly. It is more difficult for ordinary consumers to accept, even if they like it, they will not choose to buy. But compared to ordinary cardboard furniture, the price is relatively close to the people, the practicality is quite high.

I believe many people will be interested in cardboard furniture and have questions. Can paper-made furniture be weight-bearing? Can paper-made furniture be waterproof? Will paper-made furniture be easily burned?

At present, the comprehensive load-bearing capacity of the paper book shelf on the market is 40kg~50kg, and it is no problem to go to the adult who has tested the weight of 70kg. Because paper furniture is designed to achieve the same weight-bearing effect as ordinary furniture, cardboard furniture needs to be folded. In the process of folding, the load direction of the paper can be changed to achieve greater bearing capacity, and the weight is only 20% of ordinary furniture.
Cardboard chair.png

The picture above is the table we designed. There is no problem with this 95kg foreign customer standing up.

Because the cardboard furniture is made of corrugated paper, the surface is made of good kraft paper. And the imported paper is used, so the paper itself is very high. And it has good waterproof performance. After three minutes of the furniture hitting the water, we only need to wipe the water with a dry rag. Waterproof performance is more than three minutes, and water is difficult to penetrate into the furniture in a short time. Everyone should be concerned about the fire protection of paper furniture, so we have tested it. Put a cigarette on the furniture until the smoke is naturally extinguished. There was no open flame in the process, just leaving a black mark.


Now look at the cardboard furniture is not a flavor, it is really antique. The color of paper furniture paper kraft paper is more refreshing and creates a quiet and natural indoor environment. I can't help but think of the sentence in "Dragon Room Ming". "Talking and laughing has a great confucianism.

But the most important thing about paper furniture is that it is very environmentally friendly. Paper can be recycled continuously. This is a kind of resource saving. It also greatly eased the demand for trees and gave the ecological environment a breathing time. Nowadays people are increasingly pursuing high-quality life, and many people think that cardboard furniture will only appear in high-quality families. In fact, everyone has the right to pursue beauty. In fact, everyone can add some cardboard furniture in their own homes. I believe this will be the most beautiful decoration in your home.