From the beginning of 2020, a very bad virus broke out all over the world, till now, more than 10 million people were affected and more than 200 thousand people were died, we called Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Act as a responsible company, WOW was thinking how to help people protect&defeat this evil virus except provide PPE products, based on our cardboard display main work, we provided a proposal, please see below sample image.

75% alcohol spray is a very popular and useful equipment to kill the virus, but some business owner purchased this kind of spray but found no POP tools to let their consumers to find it out.

So, WOW designer team designed a innovative cardboard display shape which is like a spray bottle with a large proportion. Sizes and artwork can be customized according to different sizes of bottles.

We sincerely hope this display stand will help to stop the spreading and kill as much as virus to protect you and your family members safe and healthy!