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Oreo Sandwich Biscuit Cardboard Display Stand

In March of this year, the business team of WOW successfully completed the Oreo sandwich biscuit cardboard display stand project. In this project, WOW used many innovative technologies and solutions. We think this is a very successful attempt and breakthrough, not only for WOW has created objective profits and provided some very valuable references for the technology of the cardboard display stand industry. Then, as the person in charge of this project, I am very excited to show you this Oreo sandwich biscuit cardboard display stand project.
Oreo Cardboard Display Stand 1.jpg

When the project first started, the client had a preliminary design concept and sketch, but it was not clear. The main points are as follows:

1. The LOGO part of the side panel needs a 3D effect to present a three-dimensional expression;

2. Double-sided display, but need to reserve as large a print advertisement as possible;

3. The LOGO of the first brand part can be shaken, which can attract consumers' attention to the greatest extent;

4. The product display needs to be tilted to the greatest extent convenient for consumers to buy

5. Each layer bears 20KG


After preliminary communication with the design team, we believe that some requirements in 1.2.4 are relatively easy to achieve, and there are certain contradictions between requirements in 3.5 and other requirements, such as 4.5. We all know that the load-bearing capacity of paper shelves is often inferior to that of metal racks. Wooden racks, so we usually choose to add metal tubes at the bottom of the display rack when there is a large load-bearing capacity. The number of metal tubes is proportional to the load-bearing demand. However, the prerequisite for adding metal tubes is that the layer boxes of the cardboard shelves need to be level, so that most of the weight in the layer boxes can be carried by the metal tubes. However, requirement 4 requires the layer boxes to be tilted to a certain degree. In this case, if you use With conventional design, the load-bearing capacity of the cardboard display stand will definitely cause problems.


After repeated communication and experimentation, we finally solved all the above problems perfectly and got high praise and praise from customers. The specific solutions are as follows:

1. Separately cut out the LOGO on the side panel and glue it on the side panel. From a visual perspective, there is a certain 3D floating effect.

Oreo Cardboard Display Stand 2.jpg
2. Double-sided structure, more products and advertisements can be displayed in the same display area.
Oreo Cardboard Display Stand 3.jpg
3. This part is our more innovative solution. Before the application of this solution, we also tried many other solutions: for example: additional electric rocker, LED screen, etc., not only the effect is not obvious, but also to the project itself a lot of extra costs were added. Finally, through the concerted efforts of the WOW team, we found this solution: First, make a large round hole in the first card part, pass a transparent thread through the LOGO, and then fix the two ends on the top line of the head card, and finally follow it. As the air flow fluctuates, the LOGO part will show a rotating effect.
Oreo Cardboard Display Stand 4.jpg
4.5. This part of the solution is absolutely innovative. First of all, according to customer requirements, each layer box is tilted 15 degrees downwards, but in the connection part between the layer box and the side panel of the display rack, we abandon the conventional cardboard cutout structure. Instead, we chose stronger plastic screws. Not only that, in order to better fix the layer box and disassemble the load bearing, we also added a back panel inside the display rack, so that the left and right side panels and back panels of the layer box can be made of plastic fixed by screws, the weight in the box can be well decomposed by screws and metal tubes, and this screw structure is more convenient to install than the ordinary cardboard cutout structure.
Oreo Cardboard Display Stand 5.jpg
Please enjoy the real shot pictures of the Oreo sandwich biscuit cardboard display stand.

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