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Coca-Cola Cardboard Refrigerated Cooler Display Stand

After more than half a year of research and development, in April this year, the WOW design team developed a new type of cardboard refrigerated cooler display stand. This display stand combines the advantages of cardboard display racks and air-conditioner conventional display racks. Once launched, it has attracted widespread attention in the market. We have received a large number of overseas orders, and we will share with you the Coca-Cola cardboard refrigerated cooler display stand project below.
Cardboard Cooler Display 1.jpg

Because it needs to be used with a cardboard display stand, first of all, in terms of volume, this refrigerator has never appeared in the market. We have jointly developed this air conditioner with a famous refrigerator factory in Guangdong. The specific parameters are as follows:

Display size:44.5*44*203.5cm, the shelf height can be adjustable as the products.

Refrigerator details:

Weight: 60lbs / 27.5Kg (approx.)

Technical Data: 2.3 A • 110 V • 50Hz.

Energy Consumption: 12.552 kWh / day

(measured under ISO 23953 “refrigerated display

cabinets” standard (22˙ C / 60% H)

Refrigerant: R134

Temp.: 2˙C - 7˙C / 35˙F - 45˙F

Wheels: 4 (2 with brake)

Aluminium Casing

Noise Level: 42.8 dB

Ambient Conditions: Max 22˙ C - 72˙ F / 60% Hum.

Preset Digital Electronic Temp. Control

Automatic Water Evaporation

Plug & Play Cooler

Combined with some characteristics of the cardboard display rack, our cardboard refrigerated cooler display stand has made some special designs, specifically:

1. Because the cooling mode of the refrigerator is to supply air from bottom to top, a 15cm wide air supply channel is reserved on the back of the paper display rack. Taking into account the characteristics of the air-conditioning from top to bottom, 10CM is also reserved on the top of the display rack. In the air duct, there are evenly distributed small air holes at the bottom of each layer of boxes, and the cold air is sent down to the top, and then falls on each layer of products layer by layer from the top air outlet to achieve cooling.

2. Because the cardboard display rack cannot achieve air-conditioning closure, WOW uses an innovative air-conditioning curtain. This product is also jointly developed and produced by WOW and its suppliers. It is perfectly integrated with the display stand, easy to assemble, easy to use, and air-conditioned. It is a transparent color, which ensures the interaction between the product and the consumer.
Cardboard Cooler Display 9.jpg
3. The refrigerator will produce a certain temperature when working for a long time. Due to the difference between the temperature resistance of the paper material and the metal material, uniform air holes are reserved at the bottom of the display rack for the refrigerator to dissipate heat.
Cardboard Cooler Display 5.jpg

In addition, in order to use the entire display stand efficiently and beautifully, we also added some special designs:

1. The LED light strip can make the product more beautiful when displayed and encourage consumers to buy it. Moreover, all LED lights with wires have unique routing channels to ensure that all wires are hidden during display.

2. The air conditioner is equipped with 4 universal wheels to ensure the convenience of installation or use.

3. Two metal tubes are hidden under each layer of boxes to ensure that the load-bearing capacity of each layer can reach 25KG.
Cardboard Cooler Display 6.jpg

This project was completed in May and delivered to the customer. It has been installed and used in the North American market for 2 months. The feedback is very good and it has been highly praised by the customer. At present, WOW is docking the 2022 paper with the Coca-Cola team. The display rack renewal project is progressing smoothly.

This cardboard refrigerated cooler display stand project fills the gap in the cardboard display rack and refrigerators in the market, and also provides a new direction for the future development of the paper display rack industry. This bold attempt has achieved excellent results

Moreover, this cardboard refrigerated cooler display stand project created a precedent for the joint research and development of new products by WOW and its suppliers, and was a milestone in the development of WOW.

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