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Fulfillment Package for Pringles Potato Chip Floor Display Rack

This August, WOW received a purchase letter from a Pringles distributor customer on the social networking site. The goal is to purchase 5000 sets of Pringles potato chip floor display racks. The display rack need to be shipped to a factory in a country in Central Asia for fulfillment packed and shipped, due to limited procurement costs, the target price is set relatively low, and due to limited production time which will meet the European Christmas promotion season, all display racks must be delivered before mid-September.

As the Pringles brand is really famous, the purchase volume is large while the time is urgent, so this project is personally led by the WOW’s business manager Emma to follow up.

At the beginning, we spent 2 working days to prepare 3 different options for customers to choose from. However, due to the price issue, they were not passed, when we proceeded again, WOW sales team and the design team repeatedly met and communicated. When we connected with the customer on video again in 4 working days, the new design was finally approved by the customer, finally stood out from the 14 suppliers and won the order from the Pringles customer.

Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 1.jpg

Next, Emma, the project leader, will share with you the highlights of this project.


1. Innovative design

The display rack itself uses beautiful and atmospheric print advertisements to attract customers, and ultimately urge consumers to buy products. However, considering the cost issue, WOW design team has been looking for the most appropriate balance between economy, practicality and beauty. WOW team perfectly achieved this point. Using a 2-layer shelf structure for the display body, ensure as much as possible Pringles potato chips packed into display rack. Different from the conventional display rack, the base of the Pringles potato chip display rack has two functions, which can not only serve as the load bearing base, but also become the packaging of the whole display rack, which saved traditional 3D shipper boxes.

Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 7.jpg
Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 13.jpg
Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 10.jpg
Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 9.jpg
Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 11.jpg

2. Perfect Color Inspection

The Pringles brand has a unique AI color. Because the display rack needs to be printed on a large area, and the packaging of Pringles potato chip cans also has a heavy brand color, the display rack itself is required to be printed with 100% correct color, although the customer sent printing proof during the project. In order to ensure that the color is absolutely perfect before the mass production, we chose the third party SGS to inspect the colors and shoot the inspection video to the customer for confirmation.

Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 8.jpg

3. Perfect Size

Due to limited time, Pringles customers did not send samples of Pringles potato chips cans at the beginning, but only gave specific packaging sizes of Pringles potato chips cans. Before mass production, in order to ensure the perfect size, we bought a few chip cans which is exactly same as Pringle cans at our local Wal-Mart , then proceeded the project after passing the size test.

Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 6.jpg

4. Unique Carton Marks

We chose ordinary text printing for the outer box label of the conventional display stand. In this project, in order to give Pringles a better display, WOW chose to add a unique Pringle LOGO to the carton mark, which looks very beautiful.
Pringles Potato Chips Display Stand 12.jpg

Below, please enjoy the real shots of the Pringles potato chips display rack.

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