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Disney Christmas Cardboard Furniture for Children

Since September of 2021, we have successfully implemented a Disney cardboard furniture project. The entire project has successfully achieved the goals expected by the customers, solved our customer’ problems, and brought great value and brand promotion effects to the customers and brought the company Income, brings honor to the team. As the person in charge of this project, I want to share this case with you.
cardboard furniture.jpg

When we initially followed up on this project, we found that the customer’s needs were unsurpassed in our previous experience. The customer’s goal is that children can sit on cardboard furniture and play or try on shoes. Children's products must first be safe. This is always the primary consideration for the designer team during the process of this project. However, if the cardboard is made of corrugated cardboard, the load-bearing capacity of the cardboard is definitely not as good as iron or wooden furniture, so these two There is a certain conflict. But after repeated calculations and tests, our designer team solved these two problems perfectly. Of course, there are some other more challenging problems. In the follow-up process, our designer team can solve them perfectly with excellent design ability.


The first is the weight loading problem.


First of all, in terms of materials, we use 5-layer corrugated cardboard with the highest level for the entire cardboard furniture, and we use PP film for surface treatment. Because PP film has a certain degree of ductility, it will increase the bearing capacity of cardboard.

In terms of structure, we chose some relatively simple types of furniture. Two-layer structure, up and down stairs, plus an auxiliary ladder, which is convenient for children to climb. Children can sit on the first floor to change shoes or play. In order to prevent falling, a certain height is adopted on the left and right sides and behind.
cardboard furniture 2.jpg
cardboard furniture 4.jpg

In terms of force, the inset cardboard chooses to use high-strength BC flutes arranged in dense "#" characters, and the pit pattern direction selects vertical pits to increase the force of the cardboard and leave the stress surface as much as possible. As shown below
cardboard furniture 3.jpg

The second biggest challenge is the aesthetics of cardboard furniture.

As we all know, most of the corrugated cardboard on the market has a brown background color, and due to the characteristics of cardboard, when we design cardboard furniture, some parts of the bottom brown will be exposed to the outside, which has little effect on ordinary display racks, but In this cardboard furniture project, taking into account the Disney brand, we optimized the exposed pit pattern, and the solution was to use white plastic strips with adhesive backing, as shown below.
On the back of the cardboard, we choose a double-sided lamination to avoid exposure of brown flutes.
cardboard furniture 5.jpg

Another problem is that the size is too large

Since the size of the entire cardboard furniture is 120*70*130CM, which is far beyond the standard size of ordinary cardboard display racks, if the conventional design is adopted, the back and side panels of the cardboard furniture will exceed the maximum printing size of 1.2*1.6M. With the team's efforts, we innovatively adopted the segmented printing and re-bonding method, which perfectly solved this problem.
cardboard furniture 6.jpg

The last one is the persistent problem, time and efficiency


The initial design of this project started in September. The customer did not have much idea at the beginning, but clearly informed us that we need to ship before November, because we have to dare to the Christmas season, taking into account the production of 10-12 days and a series of domestic holidays , The actual time left for us to design and communicate is less than 20 working days. In order to complete this project within the specified time, taking into account the time difference between American customers and us, our entire business team and designer team adjusted their work The time has been changed from 9 am to 6 pm in normal times to 2 pm to 10 pm. In terms of communication, we are higher than usual. Moreover, the convenience of production was fully considered when designing to ensure that the entire production was completed within 10 natural days.


This project fills the gap in the design and production of similar cardboard furniture, and provides us with sufficient experience to produce more excellent cardboard display racks in the future. If possible, we will increase the use of advanced technologies in the future to improve production efficiency and better serve our customers.


After the end of the project, all the cardboard furniture has been perfectly delivered to the users. In the later period, we will closely follow the feedback of this project on the market side, and continue to improve and surpass on this basis. Please enjoy the gallery of this case below:

Finally, we will share this successful experience with our customers more, because we have found that the scope of application of this cardboard furniture project is very wide, not only in the field of footwear and socks, but also in food and beverages, toy figures, stationery books, Beauty, skin care and other fields have broad application prospects, let us wait and see.


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